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Simple Human Kindness

There is a moment for most of us, when we realize that we are about to become a companion of someone who is facing death. Maybe we come to this experience as part of our professional or volunteer commitment. More commonly its arrives when a friend[...]

Thrive Global-How Men Die Differently

Thirty years ago, at the height of the American AIDS epidemic, Frank Ostaseski cofounded America’s first Buddhist hospice–the Zen Hospice Project in San Francisco. Since then he’s taught compassionate, contemplative caregiving across the[...]

Being Comfortable With Change Is The Key To Living Your Happiest Life

“Apprentice yourself to the curve of your own disappearance.” — David WhyteTim Gouw Over the past thirty years, I have sat on the precipice of death with a few thousand people. Some came to their deaths full of disappointment. Others[...]

5 Things Death Can Teach Us About Living Life To The Fullest

Life and death are a package deal. You cannot pull them apart. In Japanese Zen, the term shoji translates as “birth-death.” There is no separation between life and death other than a small hyphen, a thin line that connects the two. We cannot[...]

Tricycle Magazine- Washing My Boy’s Body

One day, in the middle of writing a foundation grant report, I got a call from a man I didn’t know. He explained that he was the father of a 7-year-old boy who had been very ill with cancer. Some people had told him that I might be able to help[...]

Watch The Five Invitations Cinematic Trailer

Friends, I am excited to share that my new book The Five Invitations is being released today. In it, I have done my best to share the collective wisdom of my teachers, loved ones, and above all, the people I have sat with at the time of death. It[...]

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