Angeles Arrien 1940 ~ 2014

Cultural anthropologist, author, educator, mischief maker and core faculty at Metta Institute ….Angeles often spoke of the four rivers in each of our experiences: Inspiration, Surprise, Challenge and Love. Good questions to ask at the close of each day

“River of INSPIRATION: The River of Inspiration lights the creative fire, which is known by indigenous cultures as the fire that does not need wood.
• Who or what inspired me today?

River of SURPRISE: The River of Surprise is about flexibility and resilience in response to whatever may come our way. The Inuit people say that there are two plans to every day: my plan and the Mystery’s plan. Surprise shows us where we are still flexible or not flexible.
• How did I handle surprise today?

River of CHALLENGE: The River of Challenge is an invitation to grow and to stretch, to reach beyond the knowable, to observe when we feel challenged and let it be a source of strength. Accepting challenge allows our creative muscle to be developed.
• Who or what challenged me today?

River of LOVE: The River of Love is simply an examination of the things that have great meaning in our lives, which can give you a strong sense of gratitude and connection to others.
• What did I learn about love today? ”

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Frank Ostaseski is the founder of the Metta Institute and cofounder of the Zen Hospice Project and author of The Five Invitations: Discovering What Death Can Teach Us About Living Fully.

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